Seattle Area Apartment Market Research

Apartment Insights – the cutting edge of apartment research. In 2004 Cain Inc. and Phoenix-based, RealData, Inc., formed a partnership to bring RealData’s online apartment research service, Apartment Insights, to the Seattle area. RealData, founded in 1990, brought its vast experience of providing accurate, in-depth, property-specific research, its cutting edge technology, and its national subscriber base. Cain Inc. contributed its extensive database and years of experience of apartment research and analysis in the Seattle area.

Cain Inc. – a rich heritage. Seattle native, Tom Cain, began his career in real estate in apartment brokerage in 1969 at the company known today as CBRE. In 1977 he and Mike Scott formed Cain and Scott, Inc. as an apartment brokerage. The company’s Apartment Investment Study published in 1980 was the first of its kind in the country to monitor apartment values in a local market using cap rates and gross rent multipliers on an ongoing basis. The following year Tom joined the Central Puget Sound Real Estate Research Committee to provide data on apartment value trends. He served in this role for 25 years.

In 1982 Tom was given the opportunity to take over the official apartment vacancy survey then held by another member of the Research Committee. He helped oversee the development, surveying and publishing of Cain and Scott’s research products. In 1995 Mike Scott and his wife left the company with the research and publications division and formed Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors. Cain Inc. closed its brokerage operation in 2005 to focus solely on research.

Apartment Insights Washington – the official apartment vacancy report. In 2008, the Central Puget Sound Real Estate Research Committee replaced Dupre + Scott. It appointed Tom Cain of Apartment Insights Washington to provide apartment vacancy data for its semi-annual Report. The nonprofit Research Committee has been the official source of apartment vacancy information in the Seattle area since it was founded in 1949. Tom also serves as its treasurer.

He has also been a keynote speaker on the apartment market for the following organizations and events:

The Counselors of Real Estate

Appraisal Institute

The Rainier Club Real Estate Roundtable


Colliers Investor Symposium

Trends Rental Housing Management and Trade Show