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Apartment Insights is your source for comprehensive, property specific information, including rents, concessions, ownership, management, amenities, unit mix, photographs, maps, sales data, and construction information for every property over 50 units in the King, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap and Thurston county areas. This database is updated quarterly.

A Powerful Tool – the 50+ unit market at your fingertips. With Apartment Insights you can plug into the most comprehensive apartment research database of a local market that’s available anywhere in the country.

Instantly find:

  • Any property or group of properties of 50+ units
  • Owners and managers
  • Unit types, sizes and concessions
  • Sale information
  • Construction details, amenities, utilities, rental policies and much more


  • New Construction Report
  • Statistics/Trends Report
  • Sales, transfers of ownership
  • Property profile pages with detailed information, including photos and maps

Calculate for any user-defined area:

  • Gross rents
  • Net rents
  • Vacancy rates for each unit type

Create your own:

  • Rent comparable reports (gross, net, and amenity adjusted rents)
  • Sale comparisons
  • Custom-defined submarket reports

Valuable Quarterly Reports

The following two reports are included in the online database service, but can be purchased separately:

Statistics/Trends Report, Metro Seattle, published quarterly, $295/year:

Comprehensive market data 4 times a year for a great price.

  • Rents by unit type & submarket
  • Vacancies by unit type & submarket
  • Historic rents & vacancies by submarket
  • Stabilized & lease-up rents
  • Inventory by unit type, submarket & year built
  • Changes in inventory
  • Absorption
  • Property lists by category: lease-up, out-of-service, student housing, subsidized & rent restricted
New Construction Report, Metro Seattle, published quarterly, $495/year:

The Most Geographically Extensive and Accurate New Construction Data Available Anywhere.

  • Broken down into 7 stages of the construction pipeline, from Rezoning Requested to Construction Commenced
  • By submarket, property name, address & number of units
  • Start & completion dates
  • Developer names & phone numbers

To learn more about the Washington online database, quarterly reports & customized reports, call Tom Cain at: 206-632-2220 or email

Prepared in conjunction with RealData, Inc., this service is also available in Phoenix, Tucson, Denver & Colorado Springs. Click here for more details about the products & subscriptions available.

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